Culinary Experience with a touch of Tradition

Culinary Experience with a touch of Tradition

If you’re looking for a unique culinary experience that combines tradition and modernity, this program is perfect for you. Exploring Ribnica with local providers for a few hours will make your visit to this destination even more memorable.
Your journey will start at the Ribnica Handicraft Centre, where you’ll rent electric bikes. Then, you’ll head to the center of Ribnica to Hotel Vila de Casa where you can taste local cheeses and Slovenian wine. From there, the next destination is the village of Hrovača where you’ll discover the art of beekeeping at Kojek and taste their honey creations. Finally, you’ll visit a cellar where BioSing produces unique and boutique dried meat products, which you can pair with top-quality wines.


Presentation and tasting of renowned honey products. The tasting includes seven different types of honey and four different honey-based drinks.
Electric bike rental.
Tasting of boutique dried meat products paired with premium wines. The tasting includes sampling eight different dried meat products and five samples of premium wines and spirits.
Tasting of local cheeses accompanied by premium wine.


from 82,50 / PERSON


a minimum of 4 people

“Vila de Casa”

“Beekeeping Kojek”