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Welcome to the local market, where some of our craftsmen, artisans, and other local providers are showcased. Here, you can get to know the creators who operate in our area and its wider surroundings. Take a look at the numerous unique and creatively designed products that will warm your heart – perhaps you will find an idea or hint for a gift among them.


Ribrand is a contemporary brand of wooden products which reflects a collaboration between our design studio and Ribnica Handicraft Centre—a Public Institute, whose mission is continuous care for the overall preservation and development of cultural heritage and its integration with modern areas of creation.

The cottage industries that the Valley of Ribnica is best known for are woodenware making and pottery, which boast a tradition of several hundred years. The making of »Ribnica Woodenware« is one of the oldest and at the same time a very unique cottage industry. Ribrand stands as an ambassador for its heritage, yet confidently opens new paths for sustainable products.

Our involvement in the project exceeded our fundamental role as product and identity designers—we also became storytellers and photographers.


Rokodelski center Ribnica, Cesta na Ugar 6, 1310 Ribnica

BAM body

BAM Body is a renowned Slovenian company that specializes in crafting cosmetics using organic and natural ingredients. They also offer a wide range of cosmetic accessories. The brand was founded by Peter and Kaja, who are passionate about cosmetics and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. They believe in the limitless potential of nature and are committed to incorporating the best natural ingredients into their products.


Prodaja kozmetičnih izdelkov Peter Batinič s.p., Kot 30, 1310 Ribnica

+386(0)40/ 674 – 515



As a budding beekeeper, I have made the exciting decision to broaden my enterprise. In addition to offering an array of bee-related goods, I also craft exquisite wooden pieces. My wife plays an indispensable role in this venture, meticulously painting and packaging each item with care. I am certain that you will discover a distinctive treasure for yourself or your cherished ones among my handiworks.


Sviti Miha Šmalc s. p. , Dolenji Lazi 56, 1310 Ribnica

+386 (0)31 724 749, +386 (0)41 916 846



The beauty of glass is truly remarkable, isn’t it? It has the amazing ability to let light shine through and bring colors to life, leaving us all mesmerized! That’s exactly why I have chosen to explore all the possibilities that this wonderful medium has to offer. Since 2016, I have been creating a variety of artistic and decorative items using fused glass in my studio located near Velike Lašče. You are sure to find the perfect personal or corporate gift among my creations. And if you’re searching for something truly unique, I can create a special piece just for you based on your preferences.


Tadeja Nemček, Dvorska vas 49, 1315 Velike Lašče

Martina Osmak

My products are created from clay, providing endless possibilities for unique creations inspired by my imagination.


Martina Osmak, Cvišlerji 26, 1330 Kočevje

+386 (0)31 648 192


If you’re in search of a unique and luxurious gift, our collection of bee products is sure to impress. Meticulously preserved and thoughtfully presented, our honey products are akin to precious gold. They’re sourced from the unspoiled forests of Kočevje-Ribnica and have earned widespread recognition for their superior quality. Allow us to assist you in sharing these exceptional gifts with your colleagues, loved ones, and acquaintances.


DRUŽINSKO ČEBELARSTVO KOJEK, Barbara Prelesnik Kojek, Hrovača 58, 1310 Ribnica


My name is Laura Češarek and I am the creator behind the brand Pinca Ponca. My current focus is on crafting sewn products for children, such as long pants, hats, ear warmers, skirts, bibs, headbands, scarves, and various other items. I often draw inspiration from patterns, especially those with a retro or Scandinavian style.


Laura Češarek, Blate 8, 1331 Dolenja vas

+386 (0)41 236 635 



I am Iris Klun, and I introduce myself under the brand name “Mala ustvarjalnica IRK.” My passion is creating unique items through sewing for both children and adults. All of my products are crafted with love, which is the vision behind the brand I operate under.


Iris Klun, Hrovača 8, 1310 Ribnica

+386 (0)68 184 891


 Only My ❤

My name is Milena, and I am always optimistic yet realistic. I like to take a positive approach to life while also being practical. My love for creating things began at a small pottery school in Ribnica. However, since I was short on time, I decided to switch to sewing as a hobby and got my first sewing machine. Although I slowly forgot how to work with clay, the memories still come to me now and then. My passion for sewing has grown, and I work with various fabrics and sewing materials. I took a few courses to learn more, but my curiosity and desire for knowledge drove me to become a self-taught seamstress. As time went by, my hobby turned into a passion, and now it serves as a way to relax and earn some extra income. That’s why I spend my free time creating and sewing unique products that come to my mind.
I created my brand called “Only My❤” where you can find my products.


Milena Oiclj Sivec, Ulica Louisa Adamiča 8, 1310 Ribnica

+386 (0)41 284 490



I have always had a passion for manual crafts. My mother taught me how to knit, and I taught myself to crochet. My father and I often practiced shaping, and I inherited his sense of aesthetics. In 2011 I discovered polymer clays, which I now use to create unique jewelry. I have obtained a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce. I am also available for custom orders for my knits and jewelry. I work on these products in my free time, putting a lot of positive energy and love into design. The magical colors that I use transport me to a completely different world.


Albina Zorc, Kračali 9, 1317 Sodražica

+386 (0)51 270 767


Radina Kozina

I make souvenirs and jewelry.


Breže 3, 1310 Ribnica

+386(0)40 241 508


These handcrafted pieces of jewelry, including bracelets, earrings, and bow ties, are expertly crafted from walnut wood that is over a century old.
The wood is treated with natural oils. Pieces are suitable for both men and women.


Levec Franc, Kračali 13, 1317 Sodražica

+386 (0)41 648 210

BREWWOOD Craft Brewery

As a brewers, we enjoy all the beers and their interesting flavors. But everyone has their favorite styles and flavours in which they really find themselves.

Our current brewing equipment and small batches of beer (100L per batch) give us a greater opportunity to experiment with flavors and different styles of beer. Regardless of the size of the equipment, we strive for quality, ensuring the consistency of beer and constant progress and improvement.

Despite the fact that the market dictates its own pace and trends, we also want to add to the selection those styles of beer that are close to us and we like to enjoy them ourselves.


BREWOOD, pivovavrna, d.o.o., Podgorska ulica 49, 1330 Kočevje

+386 (0)40 529 866, +386 (0)41 390 474


Tourist agency ITER

Traveling is, without a doubt, a condensed reflection of life itself. That’s why we devote ourselves to designing every type of tourist package with the utmost care, whether it’s a brief excursion, a longer journey, a quick escape, or an extended vacation. Drawing on our extensive expertise in organizing and marketing tourist products, we can offer wise counsel, in selecting the perfect choices for your travel and holiday needs.

And for those seeking to spread the joy of travel, we offer gift vouchers of exceptional value, providing your loved ones with an unforgettable experience.


Turistična agencija ITER, Cesta na Ugar 2, 1310 Ribnica

01 320 44 78, +386 (0)31 246 453



I have always enjoyed working with wood. Eventually, I began crafting with laser cutting and engraving. After some time, I decided to open my own company, Denles, to share my unique and wonderful wooden creations with people who appreciate them as much as I do.


Denles – Laserski izrez in graviranje, Denis Knap s.p. Škufče 1, 1385 Nova vas

  +386 (0)41948925


Crafting wooden vessels is a long-standing tradition in our region. Our vessels made from Swiss pine are particularly beautiful. The remnants left over from production have remarkable benefits for our hearts. They possess positive properties that can help save up to 3,500 heartbeats per night, strengthen mental resilience, and ensure deep and relaxing sleep. Swiss pine, which contains a lot of resin, grows at an altitude of over 2500 meters. Each pillow we make is unique to you, and both the fabric and filling are of high quality. The pillow and filling have zippers for easy maintenance.


Martina Jaklič, Sajevec 16, 1310 Ribnica

+386 (0)41439892