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How about an unforgettable adrenaline-filled adventure – you won’t regret it!
The paintball field managed by the Pitbull Society is located close to Ribnica, about a 10-minute drive in the direction of Ljubljana, in the village of Velike Poljane above Ortnek. Follow the wooden signposts leading to the paintball field, which is a 4-minute drive away from the main Ribnica–Ljubljana road.

The paintball field, which is 80 metres long and 40 metres wide, is enclosed by a 5-metre-high net, designed to protect the spectators. The Pitbull Society’s team offers an attractive and entertaining adrenaline-fuelled game in the heart of nature, a fun experience for young and old alike.

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The activities and services on offer include:
– paintball for children aged 6–11 with equipment specially adapted for the safety of the youngest players,
– paintball for children from the age of 11 with equipment suitable for their age,
– organisation of (all-day) teambuildings for large and small companies (more than 100 players) with food and drinks provided by the Pitbull team,
– night-time paintball with the entire field illuminated by lights,
– wintertime paintball with suitable equipment,
– rental of the entire picnic area on site, which includes barbecue gear and other necessary equipment and the use of shared beds,
– refreshments, rest and socialising in a log cabin right next to the paintball field,
– paintball is perfectly suitable for the young-at-heart (the oldest player so far has been 74 years of age).
The paintball park is also a popular venue for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, stag/bachelorette parties, schools’ sports days, etc. The minimum number of players is 6.

OPEN: year-round

+386 (0)40 500 973 (Matej)
+386 (0)51 257 687 (Aleksander)

Sports Equipment Rental

Are you in the mood for a sports adventure? Are you going hiking, but you feel you’re not fit enough? Would you like to try your hand at slacklining? You can make all of this happen. Tran-Sport Ribnica has all sorts of equipment on offer – you can choose from electric mountain bikes, longboards, slacklines, canoes and SUP boards. Catch some rays, enjoy the beautiful views of the Ribnica Valley, paddle down the local rivers and spend some time in unspoiled nature.
Rent any kind of sports equipment and enjoy the quieter or more popular corners of the Ribnica Valley.

Tran-Sport, d. o. o.
Kot pri Ribnici 1
1310 Ribnica

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9:00–18:00
Sat: 10:00–14:00



The Izver Ski Slope in Sodražica is located just under 10 km from the town of Ribnica (to get there, drive first in the direction of Ljubljana and then in the direction of Sodražica). It is suitable for children, families and beginners, as well as experienced skiers. The upper part of the ski slope is steep and the lower section is flatter. The ski run features a T-bar lift with the capacity of 678 people per hour. There is also a small snack bar, where you can enjoy hot and cold drinks, and snacks. Whenever there is a sufficient amount of natural snow on the plain opposite the ski slope, the Sodražica Ski Club – the operator of the ski slope and the associated facilities – sets up a cross-country skiing trail in a total length of 3 km.

Smučarsko društvo Sodražica
+386 (0)41 828 283