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Ribnica and its surroundings invite you to relax and enjoy in natural beauties.


Feel one with nature and discover various beautiful corners of the Ribnica Valley.

In addition to the exceptional and well-marked Ribnica Mountain Trail, there are many other hiking trails in Ribnica and its surrounding  area that lead to viewpoints, natural sights and medieval castles. Go on a hike with the help of a brochure that features descriptions of the hiking trails.


Wander around Ribnica and its surroundings by bike.

Rent a bike and ride through the Ribnica Valley. We have prepared a collection of cycling routes.

Activities for everyone

Horse riding, fishing on beautiful rivers, adrenaline-filled paintball and more.


For all fishing lovers who enjoy fishing in unspoiled nature.

Ribnica and the surrounding area offer a number of interesting fishing spots. The Ribnica Fishing Club manages six fishing grounds, which provide a habitat for various species of fish.
Fishing permits can be purchased online on the following link: or in person at one of the locations listed on the website.

The recreational-fishing season is open from 1 June to 1 October, from 9:00 to 17:00. A paid fishing permit is required.

The waters managed by the Ribnica Fishing Club comprise the following six fishing grounds:
– Rašica
The fishing ground begins at the confluence of the Robarica and Veliki Graben streams near the village of Knej and continues to the village of Ponikve, where the Rašica disappears underground.
Fishing Types: fly fishing, spin fishing, spin fishing with a bubble float, float fishing
Fish Species: common chub, brown trout, rainbow trout
Fishing Ground Presentation:

Horse Riding

Preparation of horse-riding materials is currently under way.

• Equine activities and therapy
Horses make for excellent teachers, educators and therapeutic partners, and can thus positively impact one’s psychophysical well-being in a simple and spontaneous way. Equine activities and therapies are focused on working with horses and adapted to suit the needs of individuals and their abilities and needs with a particular goal in mind. According to therapy participants, therapy strengthens the physical, mental, and social aspects of one’s life. The therapy uses a holistic approach and focuses on calming, mindfulness and relaxation exercises.

Other sport activities

Embark on various sports adventures and spend an active day in Ribnica.

Wintertime in Ribnica and Surrounding Area

Ribnica and the surrounding area are wonderful in any season, including the winter, when the snowy landscape is a perfect place to enjoy nature. Whenever there is enough snow, there are a number of winter sports and activities to choose from. You can explore the town when it is covered by a thick blanket of snow, ski down a number of ski slopes not far from Ribnica, go cross-country skiing or test your ice skating skills.
The surrounding hills are a wonderful place for unforgettable wintertime adventures.

Wintertime in Ribnica is something special

The festive season is called festive for a reason. This is a time of merrymaking, socialising, fun, good mood and gifts. During this time, Christmas decorations in towns and villages are a sight to behold and Ribnica is particularly beautiful. And there’s no shortage of events and things to do either – there is a month-long programme of events and plentiful opportunities for fun get-togethers for young and old alike. You can decorate a Christmas tree or make your own holiday greeting cards, attend concerts by various bands, have fun ice skating with your children, see the Christmas and New Year's fair at the Ribnica Castle, tour our exhibitions and count down to the New Year while listening to live music.

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